Midnight Story

Can i write something tonight?

Been a long time since my last post here, i kinda miss writing here again.

You know, when i choose to make a writing in english, it means that i am in a bad bad bad condition. I dont know why, but i’ve been using this since i was in high school.

My friend just told me that when you face a hard times, it means that Allah wants to give you ‘something’. I dont know what the thing is but i have to believe that it’s good for me.

“Wa ‘asaaa antakrohu syaiaw wa huwa khoirullakum”

Yap, you may not like it but it is good for you!

Just like Allah said in the Quran, “Bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan”,

O Allah, your words are just beautiful, even if i’ve heard those words million times, i’ve never got bored listening  Your words.

Just keep in mind that Allah will be there, He NEVER ASLEEP,

You dont have to be worried because When You ask about him, he will answer,

“Fainni Qariib”

Allah is very very very very close to you. So, dont worry because Allah, the King of the Heavens and the Earth, is always beside you, and if we feel bad or stress, it is just a reminder from Allah because Allah wants us to bewith Him, to remember Him every single time.
Remember that you do have Allah.

Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil..

Allah, 😥 Forgive us…


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